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Who we are

The Polish PR Association (PSPR) is a professional organization, devoted to assist its members with achieving high standards of conduct in the PR communication profession through exchange of practical experiences and best practices. In 1994 PSPR members working in PR agencies, PR practitioners in business and government institutions as well as other members from the academic world have created a network of mutually rewarding relationships.

PSPR also deals with popularization and educational activities by initiating and organising conferences and seminars, conducting trainings and workshops.

In 1996 PSPR successfully introduced the first Polish Code of Ethics for PR practitioners. The Polish PR Association responds to the new requirements of the 21st century - openness and motivation for achieving common interests through personal development and career growth of its members.

The last initiative of PSPR is formation of an international commission in order to introduce the association members to best practices and to share Polish know-how with the other countries. Another objective of the commission is to create a contact network with the other PR associations from all around the world.

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